A downloadable game for Windows

Short Description

Blur is a game about dementia. You play as a character going through dementia over a day and see the effects of it. This game was made for a uni project.


W A S D - Movement

Left Click - Interact


  • Blur Beta V0.1
    • First closed beta
  • Blur Beta V0.2
    • Open beta
    • Small bug fixes
  • Blur Beta V0.3
    • More transitions added
    • New scene added
    • More sounds added
    • More rooms in house
  • Blur Beta V0.31
    • Fixed slide movement

Install instructions

Simply extract the file and run the exe!


Blur Beta V0.2.zip 21 MB
Blur Beta V0.3.zip 22 MB
Blur Beta V0.31.zip 23 MB


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Wow. Super short but also very sad. Great job on getting that message out there and putting this together extremely well... :)


Great game with a powerful message! well done team!

Hopefully I can spread the word if only a little bit.

Thank you soooo much for playing the game. I've further explained  more about the game in a comment on your video :)


I quite liked this.

Dementia is pretty scary, but I still tried to have some fun with the game.

I really appreciate that you made this! Cheers and keep it up. 

Hope you enjoy Lumps Play Pop-up Commentary ;)


Thank you for playing my game! Sorry for the late reply and I've further explained the game on your video :)